Tips on Preparing Your Car for Long Term Storage

Car lovers know but there is nothing better then sitting in your convertible and driving around while the summer wind blows are taking an extended vacation in your vehicle. But sometimes you have to lock up your vehicle and store it for a long time maybe it’s because you’re in the military or because you have to go overseas or simply because you don’t want to expose it to the harsh winter weather. No matter what the reason is it is important to know how to prepare the vehicle that you love so much for long term storage.

It’s no secret that winter is here, so if you have a car that you love to drive around town with in the summer months but have to lock up during winter you are in luck because we have a few tips for you to prepare your car for long term storage so it can survive winter.

 Tips on How You Can Prevent Damage to Your Vehicle

There are certain things that you can do ensure the long life of your engine and that after a long term storage when you come back your car will work just as it used to. If you don’t take proper measures when you have the chance you will find yourself looking for used cars dealers in Jamaica pretty soon.

Proper Covering

When you are storing your vehicle, you need to make sure to keep it covered properly. for that you have to choose a proper garage where your vehicle will be protected from any and all elements that could damage it. If you are not in possession of a garage yourself then you need to find a place where you are going to store it for long term. but if you have to leave your vehicle outside for Some reason then you need to make sure to cover it weatherproof cover that will protect your car from any harsh weather conditions and make sure that it stays clean.

Oil Change

If you’re going to be storing your vehicle for a long period of time then you need to consider getting the oil changed. storing vehicles for over 30 days requires you to take extra care with it. There are certain grams that have there owners men will describe what kind of engine oil the car should have so it does not become contaminated.

Fill the tank

If you’re going to put your vehicle in storage for a long period of time then this is another tip that will help you. You need to top off the tank of your vehicle so that no moisture accumulates inside the fuel tank. Doing this will also ensure that the seals do not dry out.

Make sure the battery is charged

If you’re going to be leaving your vehicle unattended for a long time you need to find someone will start the car once every couple of weeks so that the battery does not lose its charge.

Starting the vehicle every now and then we’ll make sure let the engine and other components of the car I properly lubricated.