How Japan Took the Automotive Industry by a Storm

If you were to look at the history of automotive industry you will find that Japan was pretty late to the party.  Despite that Japanese cars were able to completely overtake the market once they were properly launched.

In the early stages Japanese cars weren’t such a big hit because they were still copies of other cars that were already in the market.  but determination LED them to be coming the symbol of durability that they are in the market today.

After the initial tries Japanese manufacturers were determined do not only do well but to perform better than other manufacturers did out there. That is why they focused on engineering models that were more durable and would last longer then other cars in the market did. This effort paid off, once Japanese cars were introduced in the market, they quickly gained the reputation of being durable and starting on one try unlike the other cars they were in the market at the time.

International success

 Japanese cars took over the international scene and dominated the markets. The export of Japanese cars increased dramatically in the 50s and we saw the rise of huge brands like Toyota and Nissan there are still to this day renowned in the auto industry.

throughout the 60s to the 80s they gained a reputation of being the most reliable vehicles around at the time. It was due to this those other manufacturers were forced to keep up and raise their standards, before they were on the scene it was common for drivers to be banging on the hood of their cars forcing it to start.

Honda and Toyota

Huge automotive manufacturers like Honda in Toyota played a huge role in Japanese automotive becoming this staple in the oil industry that they are now. Even though Japanese products didn’t have a good reputation universally Manufacturers like Honda in Toyota were determined to be taken seriously. They kept their focus on creativity and efficiency and were able to introduce models that over ceded the expectations everyone had of them. And before long they were able to land Japanese cars an irreplaceable place in the auto industry. Once in the market someone was always looking for a Japanese car like a ford double cab for sale.

The production of Japanese cars was also different then what other manufacturers in the market had. While most manufacturers focused on launching a few models that had an unlimited supply, Japanese cars had more models and a limited number of supplies. This is also proved to be an advantage in their favor, Toyota In 2003 saw a profit margin that was eight times more then what the industry average was at the time. To this day the company’s sales continue to increase and there is always a demand for Japanese cars in the market.

Nowadays the automotive industry does have other manufacturers that have managed to land their own spots, but the fact remains that Japanese cars were the first ones in the market.